30 and Thriving

Today we celebrate our 30th anniversary. From our blind date at Joe Kool’s & the Ceeps to this moment you’ve been by my side. 10,959 days. 262,800 hours. 15,768,000 minutes. Three kids. An abundance of love.

How to capture the essence of 30 years together?

Our early years were fun and carefree. We lived downtown, partied with the best of them, and created our first home together in a great little apartment. It was a nest upon which we built our love. We welcomed Coors the cat into our lives. Our first fur baby.

Our greatest collaboration has been as parents. Ryan bonded us so closely as we would never has withstood the grief of losing him without each other.  Shannon and Jason gave us hope and light as we truly got to experience what parenting meant. What a glorious gift they are for us. If we’ve done something right together, it’s nurturing them to the point where they can now share their amazing gifts with the world.

Between 1998 – 2010, we supported three of our parents while they faced their own health challenges and decline. We did that while our kids were little and needed so much of us. We did it together, determined to support those who brought us into the world. I remember these as years of tag teaming – one of us with the kids and the other with one of our parents. It was intense, and we did the very best we could.

We’ve spent countless hours in gyms and on the road as sport parents. These were the chauffeur years.  We have passionately cheered on our kids as they played their various sports of basketball, volleyball, football and soccer. Through that we met so many amazing families who became friends.

We’ve travelled and had adventures to explore the world – Canada’s East Coast, Quebec, the many corners of Ontario, the Rockies, Bermuda, New Orleans, Greece, Mexico, Italy, Iceland, and Costa Rica. More travel to come! We’ve swam in all of the Great Lakes together. We’ve discovered more of Michigan than we would have ever known. We’ve explored forests, beaches, mountains, and valleys. However, the most special place we share is the Medway Heritage Forest where we stroll together often.

We’ve built our careers. Between us, we’ve started and run three businesses. We’ve both changed our career paths so we could live our passions. Today, we work together in the shared mission of Horizon Leadership. I would have never seen that as an option and yet last year we knew it was the right thing to do. We strategically chose to strength partner to grow and nurture a business together and it’s been amazing.

Five years ago, we started a new phase of life. The kids were both launched in their educational and work pursuits.  Instead of calling ourselves empty nesters we chose to look at this time of life as our relationship renaissance. We got to imagine life as a duo again. That was until our beloved Piper joined us. She's brought a playful energy to our lives and ensures there is always someone to nurture. And yes, we are "those dog people" that post pictures of their beloved canine on a regular basis.

Through it all we have respected each other’s differences. On the good days we value each other completely. On the bad days we understand that the momentary conflict or frustration is just a fleeting moment in the story of our life. We often start at completely different ends of a conversation and end up in the middle. We’ve done it enough times we trust that as our process. While we are not always patient with each other, we balance it out by being loving and kind. The loyalty, love and trust that lives between us is a strong bond and the foundation for our life.

This weekend we’ve celebrated. We got to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at Stratford which was a beyond fun experience – especially meeting the cast for pictures. We attended a wedding and the DJ happened to play our wedding first dance song – Moon Dance by Van Morrison. So, we danced - something that we love to do.

There is so much more to co-create together Sweet Pete. My heart is full and grateful for the love we have shared, the moments enjoyed, and the milestones crossed. 

I look forward  to continuing to hear you whistle while you work and strum your guitar when no one is looking. For that is the sound track of our life together.

“Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.” Pauline R. Kezer