Signs You are Ready for Change By Choice

Many of my clients come to me because they are wanting to be the architects of change in their life or career.

I introduce them to the notion of CHANGE BY CHOICE.

This is a decision to proactively change, not because they are reacting to someone or something. They are ready to advance a dream, amplify a value, or unleash a passion that’ been diminished for too long. It’s time to put a stake in the ground and be intentional about something that is important – themselves and their dreams.

Here’s an example. When a work situation put me in conflict with my values – the primary one being my family – I left and set up my first business. I remember feeling really fierce in that moment. I could no longer tolerate being compromised in how I wanted to be a parent. So I created a work scenario that gave me the flexibility I needed. It was a big leap and I’m so grateful I asserted that choice in my own life.

So, what are some of the signs that you are ready for a CHANGE BY CHOICE strategy?

1.      “Someday I will…”
When you start talking about your dreams for life and realize you are not acting on them. Your “someday” list is compelling and exciting…and getting longer, but you are not taking action.

2.     “I’m bored. There’s got to be something more than this!”
You’ve accomplished a lot. You’ve changed jobs to try and spice up your work. You are not feeling challenged or engaged. You find yourself wanting to do something different and yet aren’t quite sure what it is.

3.     “I’m stuck by the golden handcuffs.”
You realize that the only thing keeping you in your job, your profession or community is comfort and stability. You are feeling a nagging discontent. You are fueled by obligation not passion.

4.     “I never thought I’d be doing this.”
You are 10 or 20 years into a career and it’s not at all what you thought you’d be doing. You experience flirts of ideas for what you’d love to do or things that are more aligned with your values and passions but are stuck.

5.     “I’m not walking my talk.”
You are telling your kids or colleagues to follow their passions. BAM! You realize you are not doing that at all. You are humbled by that realization and want to explore what following passion means for you.

So, you acknowledge the signs that you are change ready. Now want?

You need to focus on what you want. You’ll need to give it time and attention. You’ll need to be brave.

Finding your allies and champions is essential. Going it alone leaves room for the inner saboteur to kick in and tell you all the reasons that change is "dangerous".

It’s also a great time to work with a coach. In these moments with my clients I help them:

·      clarify their vision for what they want

·      explore and acknowledge their fears and uncertainties

·      build their confidence and courage to take first steps

·      create an action plan

·      support them through accountability check ins

·      celebrate movement and milestones towards moving their change by choice plan forward

When you change by choice, the process is smoother, more creative and fulfilling. Vulnerability and uncertainty are a normal part of the process. The key is keeping your compelling vision at the forefront and letting that be the heart of your intentional life change.

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