Get Real

GET REAL -- In life. In leadership. In relationships. What does GET REAL mean to you? For every person reading this GET REAL means something vastly different. That’s the beauty of our humanity. That’s why it’s also important to not make assumptions, on this or any other topic.

GET REAL came to me as a button. Over the years, I’ve often worn provoking button messages on my jacket lapel. Sort of like a personal challenge from me to the world. I found this button at a furniture store (very eclectic and funky). The minute I saw it I pinned it on with anticipation. I knew it would be a great conversation starter.

For me GET REAL is an invitation for authenticity. It’s simple. It’s raw. It’s direct. It’s courageous. It’s grounded. It’s confident.

I believe we are most powerful when we are connected to our vulnerabilities as much as when we are in our strengths. Real is being truthful and honest. Real knows personal boundaries and limits. Real is being able to say YES and NO rooted in what is important for ourselves. Real is the ability to name our fears. Real is quiet, calm and steady. Real is walking our talk…consistently.

Real is a great place to live and lead from. And truth be told, being authentically real is a huge edge for so many people. Especially if the inner desire for realness contradicts messages from those we love or who have shaped us. To stand in our own desire and authenticity takes courage and lots of reflective work. When people access their authenticity, they find a new source of vibrancy and belief from which to live and lead.

So don’t delay. Where will you GET REAL in your life and leadership? What’s waiting to happen that requires a good dose of REAL?

On a final note, if you could provoke people to thought and action, what would you inspire through your button statement? Share your ideas through the comments.