Gift of Time

How do you respond when someone cancels a meeting with you? Lately I’ve been responding with gratitude. I’ll be clear that I don’t condone bailing on people and leaving them hanging. However, when people have to cancel for really good reasons I accept it and see it as a gift of time. In fact, I’m noticing that my mind starts dancing with possibilities of what unexpected pleasures or untended items I can welcome into my day. Instead of a cancellation being an inconvenience it can become an opportunity. So, this happened to me today. Here’s what opened up for me. I get to give my son the car so he can advance his job search. I will now be home for dinner with my family instead of out of town. I’ve booked a massage to tend to an achy back that I was otherwise ignoring. I’ll get to write a blog post that’s been percolating. I was in my office to receive a call from a dear colleague that I would have otherwise have missed. So, today I am grateful for the unexpected gift of time.

What would you do with the gift of some extra time?