Snowy Perspectives

This morning I awoke early and sat quiet by candle light gazing at the snowy expanse beyond my window. As I sat, the following “voices” of snow emerged. This is such a sweet reminder for me that one simple element can mean so many different things to so many different people. Taking time to explore perspectives through the eyes of self and others is such a powerful and exquisitely simple act. It is also a well honed art of those who are especially skilled in healthy social and relationship dynamics. Snow…

Clean, fresh, crisp and beautiful

It’s floating decent causes us to pause and slow down

It is a unifying event creating mythical tales we remember for years

It creates intimate moments of magic and mystery

Each flake is completely unique – a reminder to cherish our diversity and special gifts

It can be cold and bracing - grabbing our attention, waking us up and calling us to be present

It emerges our inner child and playful spirits as we launch ourselves down hills and carve snow angels with our bodies

We become architects and builders of snowmen and forts as we sculpt and pile it

Foot prints revealed and pathways emerge showing the intention of our journeys

It’s a symbol of abundance that can easily disappear

Snow can blind us or cast a gentle veil influencing how we see the world in any given moment

Blessings to snow and the gift of its many voices