Stop.  Reflect.  Re-Imagine.  Act.

Horizon Leadership can help you bring the big picture into focus through facilitated visioning sessions. It is important to take time to challenge the status quo, proactively plan for change, and intentionally pause to imagine a bold new future. We help your team and key stakeholders envision their best future and connect the dots between existing strengths and future possibilities. This increased clarity of purpose encourages alignment towards common goals, increases productivity, and enhances collaboration. 

 We also do customized workshops on:

  • Team trust 
  • Strategies for leadership renewal
  • Creativity and innovation 
  • Resilience through change
  • Constructive communication and conflict competency 
  • Leadership succession planning


How We Do It

Using highly interactive processes we offer half or full day retreats that engage board members, leaders, staff and stakeholders. You'll leave our sessions with a renewed energy and passion that will fuel your intentions and actions going forward.

“Janet is a “top” facilitator in terms of all the workshops we see at Pillar. She is prepared, dynamic, interactive, knowledgeable, passionate, genuine and inspiring!!! Her skillful facilitation helps build trust and a creates a place where teams can grow together, pause and reflect and take away actionable steps to further the work that we do.”
— Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director Pillar Nonprofit Network