Have Faith

A week ago I was blissfully enjoying Napa Valley wine country with my husband.  An extra bonus was a meet up and dinner with two of the most wonderful women I  know - Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller.  They are the founders of CRR Global and the creators of the Organization, Relationship and Systems Coaching methodology that I'm trained in.  Their work has transformed my life and practice in so many ways. Faith and Marita are my teachers, mentors and friends.  It was a bonus to have some one:one time with them and just talk about life.

Within days after that visit, I received news that Faith was in a car accident. She was driving her beloved Mini Cooper, top down and wind in her hair.  I don't really know the details of the accident but it landed her in ICU with critical injuries.  Like so many who love her I was stunned.  I sobbed. I felt broken and scared. I was worried for all those who love her so much. I feared for the worst and hoped for the best.

Since the precarious early days of the accident so much has happened. The good news is that Faith is doing what she does best. Her feisty spirit is at work and she is healing daily, making monumental steps in recovery. She is alive. She has a long journey. I know she'll thrive.

I am witnessing in this journey the tremendous power of our global community wrapping our arms around Faith, Marita, their family, the CRR team, and the healers.  It's a pulsating energy of hope, light, prayer, and encouragement.  While we are all dispersed around the world, our community is in strong connection. People are stepping in with offers to stand into roles that need to be filled. Waves of fresh energy keep being shared when needed most.  I am truly overwhelmed at the wholehearted response that I'm witnessing. Faith's accident has been a huge ripple in our system.  Witnessing the waves being sent back to nurture and hold her is a testament of the power of love, compassion and caring.

So, today, one week after having sat and laughed with Faith and Marita I can say I have faith.  I have faith in the resilient spirit of Faith. I have faith in the power of love and a community unified in a common purpose. I have faith in the capacity of our CRR Global community to face challenge and walk with each other in times of need. I have faith that the healing unfolding is being infused by spirits and guides that are larger than any of us.  I am grateful for the power and simplicity of faith.