Heart Full and Hope Filled

Today I attended the first ULab course in London, ON to explore the concepts of TheoryU and the work of Otto Scharmer, cofounder of the Presencing Institute. Over 100 Londoners are part of this emergent learning experience, joining 35,000 people around the globe.  These are just a few highlights and reflections from today’s experience. 

Through a video of astronauts reflecting on the 1968 Apollo 8 Mission, one quote struck me and moved me to the point of tears.

“Planet earth is an oasis in the back drop of infinity.”

The vastness, the beauty, the power and the vulnerability of our humanness in the context of nature, earth and space is amazing. Another astronaut reflected “the earth takes care of us and we must take care of it.” The mutuality of this commitment to be connected, aware and purposeful is provocative and important.  It was only until the astronauts saw earth from a totally different perspective that they had the insight to look at things in such a divergent way. As we embark on this ULab experience, we get to do the same.

I also heard a powerful statement. “The issues inside of us are a mirror of the issues outside of us.” We need to trust that our individual experience is an integral part of the global rumbling, shift and change happening all around us. 

To me this means we are each a voice of a much bigger system. When we share the awareness of our feelings and experiences that is when change can occur. We are called to participate as a voice that can influence the system, change the conversation and collaborate to emerge new ways of being and doing. The cool thing about emergence is there no one “right” way. In that I find tremendous hope because it’s rooted in co-creation.

We were reminded that there can be no change when we blame.  As we learn and explore together, the invitation is to suspend judgement of our self, others and the systems and structures around us.  We will notice judgement as it brings awareness of something being protected from change. However, through curiosity we can explore judgement in a gentler and creative way.

I was also struck by the notion of the shifting consciousness that is unfolding all around us. There is a move from individualistic approaches to more organic and collective approaches. Today, I experienced people with a will to be in a different conversation. By being present and sharing this learning journey together, the opportunities and solutions will emerge from the collective mind, heart and will.

I noticed my own thoughts turning to the intersection of spirituality and leadership and what could emerge as possible from there. I’m simply putting a book mark on that notion and hoping others might be keen to explore with me.

This was just the beginning of a journey. I am buzzing. I am heart full and hope filled for the emerging possibilities.  I am grateful to be in the conversation with a group of people curious to birth new ways of being and doing.

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