Coaching When Things Are GREAT!

Recently I worked with a client who shared that life was great. He is maximizing his strengths, he’s living in alignment with his values, he’s passionate about his work, loves his colleagues and the stimulating work environment he’s blessed to be part of. Yes, he’s working hard and long hours but it’s gratifying on so many levels. So, he pondered why engage in coaching when everything is good. Such a great question. Let’s bust a myth about coaching. Coaching isn’t just about addressing limitations or challenges. In fact, its way more powerful when focused on developing and amplifying the good in people’s lives, helping them move forward to achieve their greatest purpose in work and life.

Coaching is all about people pausing, reflecting and getting conscious and intentional about goals, direction…heck life in general. It’s also about taking intentions into action and achieving results that create fulfillment. As we all know, life is one big, continuous learning journey. Along the way, it’s essential to pause, reflect, recalibrate and go again. We humans don't do that enough.

In this case, this is a client that I coached a few years ago. Since then, he’s taken on a new role and added on lots of responsibility. We decided to do some “refreshment coaching”. The first benefit of this type of coaching engagement is to celebrate a life being lived with great intention and according to a well crafted personal plan. Already, by pausing to reflect he’s taking time to appreciate both his own intentional efforts and the many gifts present in his current life circumstance. Just that is an energy boost and a motivation to move forward with even greater intention.

The other focus of our work is to assure that all these good things are sustained. It’s a crazy truth, but sometimes when everything is all good, people go a little soft on themselves and maybe get a bit lazy or unfocused. Therefore, through coaching we are setting some new intentions to maximize current strengths.

The other opportunity we are exploring is to update his bigger life goals. The last few years have presented him with a few unexpected opportunities that have opened his eyes to new possibilities. Instead of just moving towards the “old” vision and goals, he’s updating his vision and creating a new map on how to get there.

So, why is refreshment coaching so powerful?

  1. Creates an opportunity to celebrate success and savour efforts
  2. Helps sustain what’s working well and assure continued focus on current strengths
  3. Provides a perfect time and space to dream bigger and bolder and invest positive energy towards the next stage of professional and personal plan.

As a coach of extraordinary leaders, I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to be invited back into their life to help them celebrate, sustain and dream ever bigger.

If you feel the need for a little refreshment and renewal, call or email. I’ll be there in a second!