Be Still

Today is an official snow day; the second in a row. As I peer outside, our world has transformed to a fluffy white winter wonderland of over 40 cm of snow. The official institutions of the world – schools, universities, city services – have declared themselves closed. So, our world is slowing down. We are staying close to home. We are having moments of stillness. Not by choice and yet it’s a delectable indulgence. I’ve always loved snow storms as they do seem to mute the world. Everything gets quiet, calm and peaceful. This sense of quiet and stillness is so needed in the world. A forced day off helps us reconnect with the simplicity of just being. It’s funny how uncomfortable people can be with stillness and quiet or forced solitude. Yet it’s in these experiences that we can create some of the loveliest moments of our lives.

As a coach of high performing leaders, I often encourage them to take at least one day a month where they slow down, go quiet and be still. It’s a hard request for many. However, those that make a commitment to this practice see a renewal of energy, a reconnection to their vision and a boost of creativity and inspiration. So, in future, I’ll remember that for any resisters to this notion of stillness and quiet, I’ll just invoke a snow day and let them discover the pleasures from there.

Snow angels anyone?