Tips for Horizon Leaders

In order to hold the big picture and vision and stay grounded as a leader, it is vital to intentionally nurture yourself. Here are some tips we use when working with leaders.

1. Create a monthly or weekly practice for connecting with your vision and purpose. Book one day a month or a few hours a week (in a block of time) as a visioning session (I do a silent retreat once a month). For maximum success, schedule this regularly and don’t let anything interfere with it. This practice is great modelling for others too.

RESULT: You’ll be re-energized and renewed in your purpose and will gain clarity on the most important steps to keep moving towards your vision and goals.

2. Create a vision story for your life or business. Make it a five or 10 year horizon. Long enough to stretch you and short enough to feel achievable. Make it concrete with specific milestones. Take a planned time out and regularly chart your progress towards the vision. The key is to CELEBRATE accomplishments along the way, and adjust or change goals as things unfold. Write it, collage it, or create a metaphor of it. Whatever makes it feel real and compelling for you.

RESULT: Clarity of intention and something that you can measure progress towards.

3. Ask for help. Sometimes we don’t have the answers and get stuck in doubt and inaction. (Yes, leaders are human too!) Leadership can be lonely. Find a trusted mentor, colleague or coach and ask them to be a resource as you process both the joys and challenges of leadership.

RESULT: The relief of being able to openly process what you don’t know, explore possibilities, and move forward with confidence.

4. If stuck, change perspective: If you feel mired in confusion or overwhelmed your current situation literally change your position. Imagine climbing up a mountain, literally getting out of the valley of overwhelm. As you climb up, you are releasing yourself of the problems. Imagine standing at the top of the mountain. Put your arms out and turn around. Do a complete 360 degree scan. Keep your head up and look far out to the distance. Now, look down again to the valley that you came from. What’s different now? What does this new angle perspective reveal? What are some different paths you can follow? What’s it like being detached from the challenges and being an observer? Who else can contribute to creating solutions with you? From this perspective, state your intention and go to action with new clarity and energy.

RESULT: A process to help you get unstuck and access new perspectives that supports forward movement.

Because we love to learn, share your tips for leadership renewal and refocusing.