The Balcony View

I have the great joy of being away on vacation.  As I sit on the condo balcony I can hear the surf of the ocean, the waves caressing the shore.  I can feel the gentle breeze and watch the palm trees swaying.. 

Vacation is a time for retreat, renewal and reflection.  The very act of getting on a plane lifts us up into the air and helps shift perspective.  Lift off temporarily closes the door on ‘regular’ life.

Being elevated, I can scan the horizon from a different vantage point.  My sight line is extended, I find myself looking up and out, not down.  My imagination is opening to new possibilities and contemplating new opportunities with bigger reach.  When I see the world from a different perspective (and a different country and climate), everything seems possible.

There is something about the balcony view that reminds me how important it is to shift perspective, to go up in our own lives. You may be envisioning a change, creating a new venture or letting go of a project that isn’t serving you any more.  Those are the moments to take a balcony view so that you can change your perspective and see things from a bigger vantage point.   It’s a way of reaching into your own life aspiration and using that as the platform from which to make your plans and take your next steps.

The balcony view is possible everyday.  You can imagine climbing a mountain to a higher elevation or going up in a hot air balloon.  You can literally take an elevator to the highest floor of a building and peer out the windows.  Our imaginations are powerful and the physical act of changing position is what makes the shift of perspective feel real and tangible.  It is from there that you make plans to move forward in a different, more daring way.