The Courage To Change Before You Have To

I just experienced my first C2MTL Conference – Commerce + Creativity.  One of the speakers challenged us as participants to have the courage to change before we have to.  All of speakers spoke about the importance of leading change, embracing change or being the change we want to see.  However, I love that there was the acknowledgement that change requires courage.

Conferences are often inspiring. They are intended to lift us up.  However, conferences do not always create action.  It’s easy to return back to “normal” life and resume the course you were on with flirts of new ideas but no true intention to change or go to action.

C2 is different.  It’s a catalyzing event that throws you into a mash up of experiences designed to provoke you to take action and use the inspiration as a lift off for what is sitting in your own heart waiting to be activated.  It’s a platform for finding others that are compelled by the same interests and exploring new ways to collaborate to make shift happen in the world in different ways.

A theme that runs through all the stories is that people were courageous and bold in following a dream, believing in the possibilities, forming new relationships with people who are equally bold and driven.  They were courageous enough to not be limited by the past but rather to see a future that they can influence for the better.  The speakers and workshop leaders are not passive watchers.  They have leapt forward before they had to because they could, they believed, and they dared to challenge the status quo for a better future.  When in the company of so may people who are like minded souls it’s easier to be courageous and not limited by your own thoughts. 

As I leave C2 I am embracing the notion of changing before I have to.  It’s time to sitr the pot and cross the edge.  I realize that I have so many choices and that my dreams are relevant and possible.  I’ve met people who have generously shared their stories and who want to stay in connection.  I’ll be courageous in deepening these connections and unfolding the possibilities of ideas that began in brief conversations. 

I can’t wait to return to C2 2016.  I look forward to celebrating the changes I have created by choice and design.  I know it will represent a bold evolution of the way I serve and work in the world.